there is an old, and some say trite, proverb: give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

now, let me add to that: when you give a man a fish, you have to hang around and keep giving and giving and giving. but when you teach a man a fish, you can go on your merry way, leave the man you taught and trust him to carry on in the fashion of the one who taught him. then you can move on and teach other men to fish.

that’s what i’ve done for most of my life, sort one wandering about in the wilderness, teaching and moving on. interestingly enough, being on facebook has provided a unique venue for carrying on the tradition started long ago in the real world.

the problem with this type of thing is that you make a few very good friends in the process, but at the same time, it’s easy to alienate others because they don’t understand the process and once taught, they may want to change the way things are done to suit themselves rather than the one who has taught them the ropes, so to speak.

because i’ve had to good fortune of picking up the computer as a user at the outset of the pc revolution, and getting acquainted with the world wide web from the beginning, and being somewhat intuitive my nature, i’ve tried to use whatever talents i possess (or maybe possess me LOL) to guide folks who may be novices, or otherwise need a little extra guidance or assistance along the road.
in some ways since being on this social media thing, and much to my detriment, as someone once said, i am my own worst enemy, so that by even trying to be of help, i wind up being kicked in the a** by the very one’s i taught to fish.

for the past couple or three years, because i enjoy people, in general, and enjoy getting reacquainted with friends, i’ve created several facebook groups, some in order to bring old friends together, others to simply make a place for like-minded people to gather. one after the other, i’ve created, nurtured, taught, advised, and carried the groups to maturity. once at a point where others can step up to the task of administering the group, i “promote” (as facebook now calls it) other administrators to carry on smartly and then move out of the way to go on to find other worthy pursuits and ambitions.

sadly, one thing i’ve learned in doing so, is making the mistake of appointing some to lead, who then take to the task in such a way as to forget the lessons of fishing as taught and decide they know a better way, which is to close off the fishing spot so that those on the outside can no longer enjoy the view from the outside. it’s as if there is some secret to the fishing so that now only those who are invited to enter the area can at least watch the people who’ve learned to fish, fish. it’s like going to visit an old home town and seeing a “do not enter” sign, unless you want to move back in.  it’s sometimes called, biting the hand that fed you.

leave one group, go back and find it is now secret so that you can’t even see who the members are.  go back to another and find it closed so that you can no longer even see the photos and such and wonder, was the effort ever worth it.


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