1. when i eat an apple, i eat the peeling and the core, including the seeds.

2.  started college at age 26, finished at age 34 with 2 bachelors and 1 master degree.

3.  served with every military branch except for the Coast Guard.

4. have moved (changed physical addresses) more than 30 times.

5.  i’ve lived in  my present location longer than any other place.

6.  i’ve written 3 self-published books.

7. i am creative and innovative, but i let others finish the job.

8.  i am altruistic but with a juxtaposition of narcissism (HUH!).

9.  i am slow to anger and on the rare occasion that you see me angry, best to keep your distance and carefully measure the need to intervene or not.

10.  i don’t like parlor games.

11.  i give directions well.

12.  i am a skeptic — i question most everything. (not just to question, but to find an answer).

13.  when i settle on something, or have a 99 % degree of certainty about something, you can count on me.  but there will always be a slight “what if”.  (should we pass, run, or kick?).

14.  i believe that there are certain natural laws/principles that are the way things are supposed to be but that there are variations.  the question is, should the variation be “fixed”?

15.  i use the word, “but” a lot.  maybe there’s a better way.

16.  i am not perfect and i don’t try to be nor to i expect others to be.

17. i have an extraordinary amount of questions but i realize there are some answers that will never be known.

18.  i struggle with many questions and issues of life because many of the recognized  answers or solutions are based on faith and not substantial, scientific proof.

19.  i truly never say never.

20.  i don’t believe in capital punishment in any case.

21.  i hate stopping at #21 because it represents something finite and i believe in the infinite, but infinity boggles my mind to the degree of insanity.

bonus: i enjoy retirement and the freedom it brings.  (it pains me to know that others don’t have the same freedom because of the lack of finances or other reasons).

there are many more things about me that people may or may not know but if i don’t stop now, i’ll be at it for who knows how long.

i have many regrets that i did not learn many of life’s lessons early on to the point that i want to pass on my lessons learned to others.  the problem is, most others don’t listen to me, especially the younger set because they are like me when i was younger.  the older set?  well they are like me also, set in their ways — except that i am NOT set in my ways.  oh wait — maybe some ways — IDK — i want to be settled in some ways, i want to be a creature of habit, but it just ain’t that damn simple for people like me.  figure that one out too.

Bottom line?  There is no bottom line.  The more I re-read the above, the more it needs revision so if I’m going to publish, I need to stop and do it — but I don’t like stopping.

Bottom Line #2 — I’m about as confused as a baby in a topless bar!

© copyright Feb. 2020
Robert A. Haines, Chaplain Haines