i wish Facebook memes and all those positive preaching liberal preachers would stop their attacks on negative people.  i’m fed up with it and it hurts. especially all those memes and sarcastic BS.

hey, everyone knows the earth is flat. believe it.  besides all you have to do is observe the earth.  it’s flat as flat can be and any fool that tells you otherwise is wrong as wrong can be no matter his so-called evidence.

furthermore, the earth is the center of everything. again, just observe — the sun, moon, and stars — all revolve — they move around the earth. everyone believes it. it’s status quo, it’s the way things are and most important, it’s the way God made it. geez, get real man! everyone knows it. so stop complaining, bitching, being so damn negative and just go with the flow and it will make you feel better and you will get along with everyone and they will get along with you. we don’t need no questions because we have all the answers so stop questioning everything. makes for a nice day! don’t screw it up.

stop attacking negative people. you need us whether you realize it or not.

the next time you see one of those negativity memes on Facebook, stop for a second and remember bob’s rant and hide it and whatever you do, don’t share it!  and remember too, you need us negative people to keep everything in balance.

note: the normal average reader will most likely need to read this twice to grasp it’s meaning.


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