This life is made up of all sorts of people — different folks — it’s cluttered with people — some are like you, some are different. some we understand because they are like us, some we don’t understand because they are so different.

For example, i don’t understand persons who like clutter. Everything about them is cluttered. Walk into a room and look around. The walls are cluttered with pix and stuff. Everything in the room that has a top has clutter on it. It’s one huge display case. I don’t know if they are displaying stuff for themselves to look at or for others. I think it is a symptom of a cluttered mind. Too much stuff on display and too much stuff in the brain, on their mind.
Then take a look at their vehicle, their car or truck. Open the door and some items are bound to fall out. Want to put something in the trunk? Forget it, it’s full of clutter, the same stuff that was in it last week, the week before that, and 6 months ago. Have a flat tire? Might as well have a yard sale out on the side of the highway so you can get to the spare tire.

Look in the yard. clutter. I don’t understand people who must have stuff in the middle of the yard. If you’re gonna have stuff in the yard, spread it around a bit, give the yard and visitors breathing room for crying out loud. Otherwise someone is going to trip over something and sue.

Now, I got me some clutter, not much, but too much. Stuff. Things been hauling around for years. C’mon Bob, get rid of that clutter. You don’t need it.

© copyright Auguest 2016, Bob Haines