Listening to a Chinese diplomat being interviewed yesterday, he was asked what was China’s response to the political harangue going on in the U.S. His response grabbed my attention as he said in no uncertain terms that China’s leadership was not interested in America’s political drama or engaging with it.

Folks, it breaks my heart when i notice that a close friend has seemingly become addicted to the social media /Facebook political stuff, the ultra left in this case, but also some on the ultra right, Posts and more posts daily spewing the political BS.  It’s almost like they have joined a cult where they are being brainwashed and enslaved and unable to break away. Where once I enjoyed their posts on daily activities, fun things, humor, and general stuff which I enjoyed seeing and reading, it’s nothing now but politics and fear.

Listen to me.  Just as President Obama didn’t become a dictator and the country fall apart with a Muslim flag (which there is no such thing) flying over the white house, neither is President Trump going to be a dictator and take over the country.  This idea is totally ludicrous and highly inane. America is going along just fine, will swing back and forth to the right and left, and will continue to do so as it has always done. Stop the fear-mongering, hate-spreading and spread out a little love and care.

Could you please go back to your old self!

© Copyright Feb. 2020, Chaplain Bob Haines