(I first wrote this Sept. 11, 2016 when I was trying to decide whether or not to ride my new motorcycle to New Mexico to conduct a funeral not long after spending over a month in the hospital with a severe infection and almost a year after a motorcycle accident.  As it turned out I did ride it and everything went well.  Sometime you just have to take a chance to get back on your feet after being down and almost out).


“Life is like being up to bat in a baseball game. You never know what kind of pitch you’re going to get.”
~ Bob (Forrest Gump) Haines

True enough, I was up to bat Friday. All sorts of things were going through my mind concerning taking my first motorcycle trip since my 40-day hospitalization last year. I was working on making a short run up into the Carolinas for a few days and maybe a revisit up into New England. I needed to get my new 12V hot spot wired which I did and then a major bike wash. Then, of course pack up and hit the road.

Well, rather then getting the pitch I wanted, such as a fast pitch down the middle, or maybe even a walk which might have been better, I got a weird breaking curve winding up a little high but got the corner of the plate. I took the strike. The next one was an old-fashioned knuckle ball, also managing to hit the strike zone. “Man, I thought, I’m rustier than I thought.” I concentrated and sure enough, right down the middle, but I only managed to get on first base but I got there.

So, what happened was I got a phone call asking if I would do a funeral and grave-side service for my cousin’s husband, a retired Navy man who had just died. I knew it could happen anytime, but it seems always to come when least expecting, and sometimes brings with it a host of unforseen phenomena. The person making the phone call said that they had gotten on my cousin’s computer and found his obit and that I should do the funeral if available. Well, I thought, since my father performed their marriage ceremony, perhaps I should do the funeral. But, man I am so not prepared for this.

Well, the next guy got a walk, so i trotted on down the second base. I got the bike washed yesterday, so hot and humid, and got my GPS mounted. Had let myself run out of cigars so spent the day wanting one and finally gave in last night. Hey an old man needs a stress reliever even if it’s bad for the ole bod.

Hanging out on second base, I’m going to run into McDonalds for a second cup of coffee and chat with whoever shows up. Then, head back home and finish plans for the trip, and then pack u p this afternoon.

So, then, I’ll be ready to head to third base, Albuquerque, NM, for the funeral and burial in the national cemetery for a retired Navy CPO and one of the greatest guys who ever lived. Third base looks so far away, but I can make it if I don’t have to run too fast. Hoping for a nice carefree trip, and then visiting friends on the way back home with a detour through northern Georgia and down through the Carolinas and then I’ll get to home and score one for the gipper.

So fellow players, spit a little tobacco juice, or whatever superstitious method you use to wish me luck. Otherwise a prayer or two will work.

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